Honey is considered an ambrosial essence to premium health. The benefits of honey for recuperating the body are inherent in its indulging taste. The bees work tirelessly to create this royal elixir from the nectar of the choicest flowers.

Deemed as a fabled remedy across generations, honey is rich in multivitamins and antioxidants that boost your system, making you feel gorgeous and healthy inside out. The goodness of these delectable dewdrops is recognized and cherished worldwide.

Honey is a magical healer enriched with antibacterial and antifungal properties that restrict microbial mobility and kill them by making the wound surroundings moist and inadequate for their growth.

Its viscous consistency acts as a defending shield over the injuries thereby, preventing further infection. For the diet-conscious, honey is the perfect sugar substitute. As a natural sweetener, honey satiates the sugar cravings in meals while keeping in tune with nutrition.

Honey is an excellent metabolism-enhancing superfood that helps manage seasonal cough and throat infections while also strengthening the immune system. Honey is a revitalizer of the keratin protein which strengthens the roots and gives a shine to your locks and skin.

An emulsion of ancient goodness with a contemporary aesthetic, honey is a timeless source of multifaceted properties, as testified by Ayurveda. But the true value can only be derived from raw, unfiltered honey.

Here’s a list of the benefits of honey that are unattainable in high-end industrial production:

1. Remedy For Cough 


Honey has proved a faithful remedy for coughs for ages. Regardless of the type- wet or dry cough- research proves honey is effective against sore throat and irritation. It is important to use raw organic honey as it is purely unadulterated, thereby having zero side effects and is safe for children.

The benefits of honey lie in its natural possession of dextromethorphan, a chemical compound that acts as a cough suppressant and is available in pharmacies. But pharmaceutical products have also started adopting organic honey as a more natural substitute. Two teaspoons are enough to work the nocturnal magic.

2. Helps In Weight Loss



Honey is often the secret ingredient to a powerful detox weight loss program. Nutritionists claim that honey burns body fat even while the body is at rest. Several dieticians and fitness trainers recommend a spoonful of honey with lemon and water as a detox drink early in the morning.

Moreover, this is confirmed by doctors that honey is an absolute superfood for weight loss. Honey induces weight loss by accelerating the metabolic rate through its natural enzymes.  Moreover, it is also a source of energy.

3. Possesses Skin Care Properties



Honey has natural moisturizing properties and works well on all skin types, especially dry skin. It nourishes the skin by enriching the pores with a natural humectant, keeping the skin hydrated.

Its antimicrobial properties help to prevent acne and eczema. Raw, unfiltered honey unclogs the pores and is a key ingredient in hydrating face masks for parched skin. Certified beauticians also use it to curate lips masks and scrubs.

It naturally corrects the skin tone through anti-melanin action, thereby addressing tan problems and brightening the skin. Its antiseptic properties make it the perfect remedy for all sorts of injuries like cuts, rashes, burns, and more. Its viscous nature prevents further infection.

4. Strengthens Immunity


Honey has been an old friend in the medicinal community for ages. It is Grandma’s trusted remedy for sore throat, vouched for even by doctors.

Its rich antioxidants and antibacterial properties are assets to fighting microbial infection and preventing diseases caused by viruses or fungi. Medical researchers and doctors proclaim buckwheat honey as the highest possessor of antioxidants which enhances immunity when taken daily.

To reap the benefits of honey, it must be pure and organic. Therefore it is advised to choose honey from trusted sources who curate them from the local areas. Goodb is a source where experts find the perfect honey that boosts your immune system while also consisting of subtle earthy notes to make your taste buds happy.

Honey has phytonutrients which are the enzymes that induce the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties in honey. They are the key to the anticancer and immunity-boosting qualities of honey. Industrial processing destroys these and thereby, lowering the value of nutrition.

5. Acts As Natural Sleeping Aid


Do you stare at the ceiling for ages and wish for a magic drink to put you to sleep? Well, lucky for you, such a magic drink actually exists. 
Milk infused with honey has served as a sleep potion for nearly countless centuries. The beverage is an easy and effective way to combat nocturnal insomnia. 
It calms the mind and rejuvenates the body by lulling you to sleep. Adding it to chamomile tea adds a great kick to your sleep cycle.

6. Promotes Gut Health


Raw organic honey is said to be the friend in need for your gastrointestinal tract by curing diarrhea and other gut-related problems. Scientifically, honey is proven as an efficacious treatment for Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), a notorious cause of stomach ulcers. 
Honey is a potent prebiotic, which essentially means it promotes the growth of good bacteria in our gut. These bacteria help to maintain the pH and overall digestive health of our system.

Why Choose Organic Honey?

Raw and organic honey is a natural and environment-friendly way to access the goodness of this ambrosial delicacy. Untouched by any means of processing or bioengineered machines, the only refinement exists in the taste of pure honey.

It is extracted directly from apiaries, which maintain and provide the perfect environment for bees to curate the apex quality honey. The hives remain in their natural habitat, and the apiculture is carried out only through proper bee management, regulated and legal extraction methodology, and optimum temperature.

Raw, unfiltered honey does not contain any form of pesticides and chemicals, unlike mass industrial production with fancy labeled packaging.

It undergoes strictly rigorous testing to ensure a complete chemical deposit-free honey. It also consists of no added sugar, thereby indulging in the true temptation of the purest amber notes of organic honey.

There are more than 15 amino acids that are traced in the chemical composition of organic honey. Thereby, the benefits of honey captivate both the body and the senses to give you a breathtaking experience of natural ambrosia.


Raw, unfiltered honey is absolutely the purest form of golden goodness. It is unadulterated, unpasteurized, and unheated, thereby a source of beneficial nutrition. On the brighter side, it is tastier and comes without any side effects.

Raw honey has been an icon throughout cultures, whether in the form of medicinal, aesthetic, or religious sections of human civilization.

Raw honey can be either liquid or found solidified, creamy texture due to crystallization. Goodb brings you the goodness of this amber ambrosia, where you can feel the subtle notes of earthiness with every taste.

The color of the honey depends on its floral extraction, and the beauty of this difference can be experienced with GOODB’s 100% unadulterated honey.

The unique properties in the nutrition domain come from the purity of the honey, and you can reap the benefits while treating yourself to its decadent taste.