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To indulge you in a delectably luxuriant range of White, Beri, Eucalyptus, and Multiflora honey. They are honourably treated royal drops of sweetness. We produce an exquisite range of indulgent dewdrops, which are 100% raw and organic. 


At the end of the day, pure honey is not just a taste of unadulterated sweetness but a homey essence away from one's roots laced with an imperial aroma. GOODB takes you on a nurturing and luxurious journey with your loved ones and discovers the raw pearls of nature.


Regarded and loved by their loyal customers and patrons, GOODB is now retailed to some of the most appreciated, world-class bon-vivant department stores globally.

GOODB, welcomes a unique authentication of pure unadulterated honey with a modern communication network and lattice. Akin to the eloquent art of wine-tasting, we move globally to inspect and acquire a touch of purity attested with its tingling flavours of floral and fruity goodness.

Thanks to our testing specialists, the samples are brought in from diverse bee-keeping farms and renowned harvesting pedigrees. Thus, this nurturing touch of supervision brings a taste of luxurious elegance alongside an underlying sensual experience for its dedicated customers.



Honey is an enchanted elixir, forwarded to each generation in love mixed with grandmas’ concoctions. At GOODB, we preach what we produce. Like honey grants benefits immersed in it, we strive to be a force for good to those who are deprived of the common privileges that life offers. We aim to lay the foundation of a company that is more than a brand name, rather a positive force in society by enriching the lives of others.


A peaceful world cannot exist one-third rich and two-thirds hungry. If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. Children are the future of a nation. We can only hope to emerge powerful when our children have the right nurturing. An essential element of nurture is nutrition, and PLAY is doing its best to provide optimum nutrition to healthy growing children. They aim to strengthen both the mind and the body of these young minds.

A noble organisation that has taken up a noble task, we recognize that every child may not have equal opportunities, but every child deserves the same amount of love and care. GOODB believes in the potential of every child and helps them to unfurl their wings and reach for their dream, regardless of their difficult circumstances.

We understand that beauty lies in simple acts, without expecting any returns. GOODB deeply believes in this philosophy and aims to contribute towards making life a little better and brighter for underprivileged kids. This is the reason that GOODB partners with the PLAY Foundation, which has the aligned moral that nutrition is an important aspect to secure the future of children.

Keeping that in mind, we realise that often the true essence of honey is lost in the era of industrial production and preservation techniques, stripping it of its authentic goodness.  And for the healthy upbringing of children across the globe, maintaining the purity of nature’s essence like honey is crucial.

GOODB honey is ethically sourced that maintains the health of the bees and makes sure that only quality honey is extracted. Our expert critics leave no stone unturned to detect any chemical adulteration. Hence, you experience honey only in its purest form and have the assurance that your children will only receive the best quality nutrition.

Thus, GOODB aims to revolutionise the production of raw and organic honey so that both your family and the family of loyal customers we have forged, experience optimum health. 

Honey has long been the fairy godmother to children, protecting them from the evil flu and the remedy of cough and cold for children and adults alike.

The nutrients, antimicrobial properties, and antioxidants in pure honey nurture the children to be healthy that ease every mother’s worries, and bring the familiar comfort of home in every taste. We believe that “all good things multiply when shared,” and it has become one of the pillars of our foundation.

Honey is a rich source of antioxidants, a superfood packed with various nutrients. Just like us at GOODB, honey does not discriminate between children as it imparts goodness and nutrients regardless. Generosity, kindness, compassion, and empowerment of underprivileged kids are what GOODB hopes and aims to spread in the world, by imbibing the principle that contributing towards the welfare of children, is working for a better tomorrow.

GOODB captures the perfection of honey, bottles it with love and care while keeping it safe from the three P’s- Preservatives, Processing, and Pasteurising. The purity makes it a reliable source that enhances the good bacteria in the body while preventing the disease-causing bacteria in children. In the age of the pandemic, honey acts as a natural shield that protects children from flu-related symptoms.



We exclusively introduce our products to only the best, world-class distributors so that nothing stands in the way of you and the ambrosial magic that is 100% Raw and Pure honey.

Our secret spies curate a scroll of the secret harvesting pedigrees, untainted by the world’s slyness, to attain only the most authentic honey across bee variants. 

The honey is extracted carefully by the locals, who follow all the regulations and procedures that preserve the sanctity of the Order of Original Organic Honey. Even the bees would approve of their methods.

Our grand wizards, who we lovingly call our testing specialists, run the golden liquid through multiple tests and, only when it has triumphed the strictest of them all its passing report bears a 100% on non-chemical, no added sugar, no preservatives, and most importantly, intact nutrients through zero-processing. Helping someone means first to be true in your work, which is why we always keep our products natural to eliminate side effects.  

Finally, we pack the pure honey into safe bottles under optimum conditions, while our magical owls (or distributors) deliver them only to the finest stores in the world, which guarantees no tampering with our gift of love - raw, organic honey. Whatever profits we garner from it, part of it is used towards conjuring special spells.

We cast spells to help the underprivileged children because it is they who will change the future and carry forward the legacy of the golden dew. Their dreams and goals can be fulfilled only when they have a healthy body along with knowledge, and we aim to bring equal opportunities to them all.



GOODB’s enchantments produce the best results with a jinx of faith, and we consider ourselves lucky to have such faithful clients. Our bond lies in the quality of our services and the underlying trust that our clients have in us, which we solemnly respect.

GOODB products hail from Northern Thailand where they breed the most authentic white, acacia, and longan flower honey. Our effective network lattice connects us to European apiculturists, who further help us enhance our variations of the elixir so that you can indulge in something new while basking in the comfort of familiar assurance.

“GOODB’s honey stands out in the subtlety of the notes, the sweetness is not overpowering, the earthiness is balanced, and it goes amazingly well with my mother’s honey lemon pie,” testified a client. “My child suffers from chronic cold, and I am always on the lookout for effective yet natural remedies. GOODB’s organic honey combined with milk has truly proved to be a healing potion”, proclaimed another satisfied customer.

Our consumers’ happiness and satisfaction edge our mission to fruition little by little every day. And our tireless work is a commitment to bring to you, only the best that you deserve. Honey is truly a magical ingredient that brings people together, and we aim to seal that bond through our authentic products, designed to suit your needs.

Bringing people together revolves around more ways than one. The collaboration of GOODB and PLAY foundation is an example of that. We desire to give back to society because we believe in “gratitude be the attitude”. We are grateful for everything we have achieved, and we know how it feels to be loved and what to give our love and dedication to the underprivileged children who deserve the right to proper nutrition and education.


GOODB understands that the true essence of honey lies in the feeling of home that every touch upon the tongue brings. Our loyal customers and patrons are like our family, and we only want to give our very best to them. Our best involves being involved with the welfare of children, who we dearly regard as our own. And we are grateful to the PLAY foundation for allowing us to make a small change in this world, for the greater good.

Honey is the age-old remedy for any illness, and it is the shield of nature to protect your loved ones. The bees’ hard work
reaches your babies, and with GOODB, you can rest assured that our benchmark begins and ends at only the purest mixture of warmth, love, taste, nourishment, and home, imbued in every drop of honey.

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